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How do I know which hearing aids are appropriate for me?Fusion Custom Mold

Once your audiologist has completed the evaluation and determined that you have hearing loss and a hearing aid is appropriate, they will review the most appropriate recommendations for you.

  • Regardless of the hearing aid technology recommended for you, both research and clinical experience have shown that 2 hearing aids are better than 1. Use of 2 hearing aids improves your understanding of speech in noisy environments and localization skills (ability to determine where sound is coming from).
  • Digital hearing aids are now the hearing aid market standard. Several offer advanced features such as automatic sound processing, directional microphones, and multiple listening programs. These may aid in greater comfort and improved hearing in noise.

  • Hearing aids come in several sizes and shapes. Your audiologist will help determine which is most appropriate based on your hearing levels and individual needs.

Advanced Features of Hearing Aids

Advanced features of digital technology have made the hearing aids that your grandparents or parents wore very different from today’s hearing aids.

  • Automatic Sound Processing
    Incoming sound is continually analyzed and processed to best amplify speech while reducing unwanted noise.
  • Directional Microphone Systems
    Helps you focus on sound coming from in front of you, by reducing sound coming from the side or behind you.
  • Speech and Noise Management
    Helps minimize or reduce background noise in many situations.
  • Feedback Cancellation
    Continually analyzes incoming signals and adjusts seamlessly and instantaneously to minimize feedback (whistling).
  • Multiple Listening Programs
    Adjusts the way sound is processed to adapt to specific listening situations.

  • Wireless Options
    Enable hearing aids to connect wirelessly to mobile phones, television, land line telephones, and more.

Things to Consider

  • In what situations would you like to hear better?
  • How important is it for you to hear better?
  • How motivated are you to wear and use hearing aids?
  • How well do you think hearing aids will improve your hearing?
  • What is your most important consideration regarding hearing aids?
    • hearing aid size and the ability of others not to see the hearing aid(s)
    • improved ability to hear and understand speech
    • improved ability to understand speech in noisy situations
    • cost of the hearing aids
  • Do you prefer hearing aids that (check one):
    • are totally automatic so that you do not have to make any adjustments to them
    • allow you to change the volume and change the listening programs as you see fit
    • no preference

Are hearing aids my only option?

Hearing aids are, just as the name implies, an “aid.” They will not “cure” your hearing loss. They cannot restore your hearing to normal and will not solve all of your hearing problems. Often, ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) are also needed. These include but are not limited to:

  • FM Systems (to bring a speaker’s voice more directly to the listener)
  • Amplified Telephones
  • TV Ears (headset that plugs into TV to bring sound directly from TV to user)

You may also need to share these communication strategies with your family and friends.

  • Always face the person you are speaking with so that they may read your lips.
  • Speak at a natural, relaxed pace and level. Do not shout or talk too slow.
  • Try to reduce background noise when possible.
  • Move closer to the person you are talking to, reducing the distance the sound must travel.
  • Always be sure to get the listener’s attention before speaking.

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