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Allen B. | July 11, 2017
“Dr. Para performed septoplasty and turbinate reduction for me in May, 2017. Consult appointments and post operative appointments were all great - on time, questions answered, etc. When I was in the process of scheduling the surgery, I was told that they prefer at least 3 weeks advance to give the insurance company enough time to authorize ahead of time - helps to avoid surprises later. Surgery and recovery was exactly as described - again, no surprises. Dr. Para has also consulted with another surgeon, on my behalf, for some jaw and facial surgery I'm considering, and was helpful in that way. I've already recommend Dr. Para and this practice to others. I think they're great!”

Berryville, VA | May 01, 2017
“100% positive experience w Dr Para & team. Dr Para is very knowledgeable & professional. The surgery he completed on my nose changed my life. I can now breathe through my nose for the first time. I no longer snore at night or have headaches from sinus pressure. I was nervous when Dr Para recommended I have surgery, but he was calm and kind which helped me feel at-ease. Dr Para's staff are wonderful too. Jade helped me maximize my insurance benefits and Gina is a ray of sunshine. Thank you all!”

Erin G. | May 01, 2017
“100% positive experience with Dr. Para and his team. Dr. Para recently repaired my deviated septum and some related issues, and the results were amazing. For the first time in my life, I can breathe well through my nose. I no longer snore at night and I have much more energy each day. I used to get terrible headaches and haven't had a single headache since the surgery--probably because my sinus pressure has improved so much. Growing up, I always thought I had severe allergies and congestion, but in fact it was my deviated septum. Since the surgery I have not suffered from congestion at all. During all my office visits and on the morning of the surgery, Dr. Para was very professional and kind. I was nervous about the prospect of surgery but Dr. Para was calm and very knowledgeable, which helped me relax and trust his recommendation that I was a good candidate for surgery. Dr. Para's staff were wonderful as well. Jade gave me advice for talking with my health insurance company so I could maximize my benefits. Jade also helped me figure out which surgery facility would accept my insurance. When it was all said and done, I simply had to pay two small co-pays for my office visit to Dr. Para and for the surgery, and two small co-pays for pain medication and antibiotics. I was so relieved that the surgery was affordable for me and I'm grateful for Jade's help with that. Gina is another team member who helped with my appointment scheduling. Gina is like a ray of sunshine--so positive and friendly, which helped me feel relaxed and even excited about the idea of surgery. My entire experience was positive and I would recommend anyone with nasal breathing challenges to visit Dr. Para for an exam. This surgery changed my life! Thank you Dr. Para and team.”

Karen M. | January 17, 2017
“My daughter received tubes in April 2016 and we could not be happier with the results. Dr. Para and his team were amazing and answered every question we had before and after the surgery. We continue to see him for check ups. I love his front desk receptionist the most! She is warm and inviting and does whatever she can to get us into an appointment. My daughter has had less ear infections the past year and is a lot happier!”

Christine in Ashburn, VA | Oct 07, 2016
“Personable and caring. He takes his time with you and I have never felt rushed. I have had 2 sinus surgeries with him, and he removed my son's tonsils and adenoids when he was 2 years old. They have made some front office staffing improvements over the last year or two and things are running much more smoothly.”

Anonymous, November 20, 2016
“My primary care practitioner referred me to Dr. Parameswaran for an evaluation. I had experienced chronic sinusitis for many years, affecting the quality of my life including throbbing facial pain or headaches, congestion, fatigue, nausea. Beyond these chronic health issues, I had become concerned about the need for the increasing use of stronger antibiotics, with implications of antibiotic resistance. I found Dr. Parameswaran and his staff to be professional, patient centric and genuinely caring medical group. After a thorough evaluation Dr. Para recommended that I have a Balloon Sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis. He thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect afterwards. During the procedure, he told me every move he was making and what to expect. I was very pleased with my experience, which has restored normal sinus drainage and breathing and as a results higher energy levels and return to regular exercise. I would recommend Dr. Parameswaran and Advanced ENT Specialists without reservation to family, friends and colleagues.”

Oct. 22, 2016
“Dr. Parameswaran and his staff are in my opinion are simply the best. I became a patient about three years ago. I have had numerous office visits and two surgical procedures. I have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. I have always received a comprehensive explanation of my treatment plan. I have received extraordinary medical care at Advanced ENT Specialists. Dr. Parameswaran has always taken the time to make sure that I was comfortable with my treatment plan and explained any other feasible treatment options. I have always received prompt post-surgical follow ups and I have always been pleased with the results. The entire staff has proven to be professional, competent, caring and courteous. I highly recommend this practice because of the quality of the care and the quality of the staff.” – W.E.R.